Man's fight to save teenager from Northamptonshire river

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Media captionFriends of the teenager said they were devastated by his death

A pub landlord has described the treacherous conditions in which he tried to rescue a Northamptonshire teenager from a river.

Daniel McCullagh from Woodford was found dead in Woodford Lock, part of the river Nene, on Tuesday.

Tony Blyth, 51, was at the scene minutes after the 15-year-old went missing.

He said the current was dangerously strong and would have washed the boy away.

'Legs pulled downwards'

Daniel was reported missing in the area of the river shortly before 15:00 BST on Tuesday.

Mr Blyth had been walking his dog in the area when he was approached by one of the boys who asked if he could swim. He then jumped into the water.

He said: "I got myself in the river and it was then I realised how strong the current was.

"I swam to the point where he was but there was no-one there. It looked lovely from the bank, it was only once I got in that I could feel my legs being pulled downwards.

"I'm quite strong but he was only an 8 stone lad."

After 10 minutes of swimming against the current he was forced to get out of the water.

Daniel's body was found down river towards Denford at 18.20 BST.

BBC reporter Stuart Radcliffe said teenagers had been seen jumping off a bridge into the river.

Friends have since attended the scene to lay flowers and pay their respects.

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