Northamptonshire council's £500,000 injury claims

An employee received a payout of £5,500 after suffering a spinal injury caused by a "poorly-fitting uniform", a council has revealed.

Another Northamptonshire County Council employee received £200 in compensation over a "large" splinter that caused a "hand injury".

The authority paid out more than £500,000 for 51 claims from staff between April 2006 and March 2011.

The council said all claims followed a "rigorous assessment process".

'Accidents do happen'

The information was released following a Freedom of Information request.

Other claims included a woman who was paid £7,500 after she went to sit down and someone moved the chair so she fell over and jarred her back.

The highest claim was paid to an employee who received £100,000 after being hit on the knee by a pupil "holding a piece of wood".

A spokesman from the council said: "We would like to point out that the council and our claims handlers have a rigorous assessment process for dealing with insurance claims, every single one of which is robustly checked.

"With nearly 18,000 employees, unfortunately accidents do happen. What we try to do with our health and safety policies and our staff training is minimise the risks of accidents happening.

"We also have procedures in place if things do go wrong to ensure any lessons are learned."

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