Northampton vandal attacks on blind people's homes

Residents living at Northampton's Association for the Blind premises have become the target of vandals.

In an incident at the Welford Road property on Sunday night, windows were smashed and a 200-year-old stone wall flattened.

Police said over the next few weeks they would increase their presence with more patrols in the area.

Several incidents have been reported to police since last summer, and valuable property has been damaged.

Furniture smashed

John Wood, from the association, said a memorial garden had been destroyed, and the paws of several guide dogs ripped on broken glass.

Furniture in offices has been smashed during break-ins and residents left in fear, he said.

He said: "The association is increasingly worried about the safety of the vulnerable blind or partially- sighted residents.

"As well as the upset to those living and working here, each break-in is costing the charity an insurance excess which they say is money which could be better spent."

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