Stanley Harrison stabbing: 'Accused confessed on video'

Stanley Harrison
Image caption Stanley Harrison died in June after being stabbed in the neck at a house party in Daventry

An 18-year-old man made a video of himself on his phone saying he had stabbed his best friend, Northampton Crown Court heard.

Harnaryan Johal pleaded not guilty to murdering his 17-year-old best friend, Stanley Harrison.

Mr Harrison was stabbed in the neck at a house party in Daventry on 14 June and died in hospital.

Mr Johal had been drinking and taking cocaine with Mr Harrison when a fight started over tobacco.

He ordered Mr Harrison to leave the house, but the fighting continued.

Chris Donnellan, prosecuting, said Mr Johal, known as Ryan, had taken an eight-inch knife from the kitchen at his family home in Newbury Close, Daventry.

There was no disputing Mr Johal had stabbed Mr Harrison, but the jury would have to decide whether he intended to cause him serious injury, he added.

'Bleeding heavily'

As Mr Harrison stood on the doorstep of the house he received a fatal blow.

An ambulance was called as Mr Harrison was bleeding heavily and a witness said the scene looked like something out of a horror film.

The pair worked together at a garage, had been friends since the age of four and were described as acting like a "married couple".

Witness Rhys Hammond said the row started over rolling tobacco and the pair were pushing each other.

Mr Johal went into the kitchen and returned with a knife, he said.

Mr Hammond was cut when he tried to intervene but managed to get Mr Harrison outside the house which was Mr Johal's home.

He said Mr Johal lunged at Mr Harrison and delivered the fatal blow and then became hysterical.

Image caption Harnaryan Johal is accused of murdering Stanley Harrison at his home in Daventry

While in his room calming down he made the phone video clip in which he said: "He's my best friend and I've stabbed him."

When Mr Johal was arrested he said: "Just take me, I'm guilty, I stabbed him, I killed my best friend."

He was charged with murder after Mr Harrison died in hospital the following morning.

The trial continues.

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