Bricks and wood thrown at cars from Mansfield bridge

People throwing objects at cars from a bridge in Nottinghamshire are risking a serious accident, police have said.

The warning comes after motorists driving along Quarry Lane, Mansfield, reported five incidents in the past seven days.

Items thrown include bricks, stones, small tree branches, pieces of wood and a beer can, police said.

Officers said they had increased patrols and would take the "strongest possible action" against the culprits.

Insp Neil Williams, who is in charge of neighbourhood policing in Mansfield, said: "What we appear to have here is a group of idiots who think it's clever to throw things off a bridge at vehicles passing below.

"Thankfully no one has been hurt and only one vehicle has actually been damaged, but we are determined to catch whoever is responsible before someone is seriously injured or killed."

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