Nottingham buskers 'making too much noise'

Nottingham City Council is considering a new code of conduct for licensed buskers after receiving complaints about the noise.

Staff at St Peter's Church said noise from buskers in St Peter's Square was interrupting services.

People at Nottingham's Council House have also complained about buskers on Smithy Row.

A spokesperson from the city council said a two-hour performance limit was being considered.

Moving pitches

One licensed busker, Ali, said he thought the changes could seem unfair, though.

"I think it's a bit unfair to those people who get up early to get a pitch," said Ali.

"I got here at 8.15 this morning to get a pitch but I can't play at that time because there's no one here.

"It's fair enough if I start playing at 11 and move on at 1 when there's business."

The council spokesperson said a number of options were being considered including moving pitches from St Peter's Square and Smithy Row.

The council has operated a licence system for buskers in Nottingham since 2007.

Revised copies of the code of conduct will be sent out to all registered buskers.

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