Nottingham on-street parking charges planned

Major changes to pay and display car parking fees in Nottingham city centre are being considered by council bosses.

The city council has proposed the introduction of charges for on-street parking in the evenings and on Sundays.

The authority said it had a limited number of parking spaces which needed to be managed more effectively.

Councillor Graham Chapman, Nottingham City Council's Deputy Leader, said charging for Sunday parking would "help stimulate the local economy".

Visitors 'put off'

"Other major cities throughout the country have been charging people to park on street on Sundays for a while now," said Mr Chapman.

"It is recognised that we are in tough economic times and that difficult decisions need to be made.

"It is envisaged that the better management of our own highway network is a positive step which could help stimulate growth within the local economy.

"Currently, short-stay visitors are being put off from visiting the city centre on Sundays because they can't find short-stay on-street parking spaces.

"Making it easier for people to park for short periods on Sundays will help stimulate the local economy giving more people the opportunity to shop and enjoy leisure activities in the city centre."

Nottingham's cathedral has questioned the logic of proposals to enforce charges from 08:00 BST to 20:00 BST on Sundays.

Earlier the Dean of St Barnabas, Father Michael Brown, said: "We don't disagree with charging for shoppers but this is, we feel, an unfair tax on churchgoers.

"We would prefer if the city council consider exemptions or permits for people who use the city centre churches for worship.

"Public transport on Sundays is very bad. Some people can't come any other way but the car. Charges would penalise them.

"The churches have been here a lot longer than the shops."

A consultation about the proposals will start next month.

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