Colwick Park dog club set up to protect animals

A dog lover is setting up a group to name and shame irresponsible owners after a series of attacks in a Nottinghamshire park.

George Vaughn, 60, said the Colwick Park Canine Association was being formed to share information between responsible dog owners.

He said plans had been galvanized after a dog was killed on Saturday.

Maureen Watson's miniature poodle was attacked by two unattended lurchers at Colwick Park.

Court action

"We were screaming and trying to get the dogs off. They were dragging Ruby around," said Ms Watson.

"The owner turned up some minutes later. She'd got no control over the dogs at all."

Mr Vaughn's greyhound has been attacked on three separate occasions in the last two years.

He said: "The rangers can't be everywhere all the time. If we have a network of people we can all help each other."

Ryan O'Meara, editor of K9 Magazine and a former professional dog trainer from Mansfield, said he wanted to see owners tested for suitability and licensed, with on-the-spot fines.

"What we need to do is focus on owners understanding more about dogs," he said.

"The best way we can do that is by implementing compulsory ownership suitability tests which are similar to the driving licence that test people's competence."

Insp Keith Priest, neighbourhood policing inspector for Sneinton and St Ann's, encouraged people to report incidents.

"If we know about dogs that are causing problems we can put patrols in at the times these things are happening," he said.

He added: "Legislation covers where dogs are not being controlled by an owner. People can be put before the courts and dealt with for that."

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