Derbyshire road safety group raps texting drivers

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A road safety group has warned drivers who text while behind the wheel of a car they are putting lives at risk.

Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership is urging motorists to switch their phones off after a survey revealed nearly 30% of drivers text.

The research carried out by charity Brake also revealed 9% of people surfed the net and sent emails while driving.

Drivers who are caught using a hand-held mobile phone could face a driving ban and a fine of up to £1,000.

Mike Ashworth, the chairman of Derby and Derbyshire Road Safety Partnership, said: "Mobile phone technology allows people to keep in touch while doing other things - lots of people use it to send messages while watching TV or waiting in a queue.

"Sadly some people are putting lives at risk because think it's all right to multi-task in the car. Please switch off before you drive off if you can't resist the temptation to check your phone when you're at the wheel."

BBC Nottingham


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