Nottinghamshire County Council's £2.1m broadband pledge

Nottinghamshire County Council has announced it will contribute £2.1m to improve the county's broadband access.

The £2.1m is in addition to the £4.25m provisionally allocated by the government in August.

But the county council said it needed Nottinghamshire's district and borough councils to match the funding to ensure the "vital" broadband improvements.

According to government figures, 23.7% of properties in Nottinghamshire have no or limited broadband access.

Councillor Keith Girling, deputy cabinet member for culture and community, said: "At the moment we are losing businesses to South Yorkshire because broadband is better for them there.

"We've got to look at it sensibly. Rural areas depend on good broadband and it is up to us to make it happen."

The county council is also seeking £8.5m from whichever telecommunications operator is appointed to carry out the improvements.

Work is not expected to start until 2013.

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