Nottingham City Council to evict Old Market Square protesters

A group of people who set up camp in Nottingham to protest against the international financial system are set to be served with eviction notices.

The Occupy group pitched about 30 tents in Old Market Square on 15 October 2011 to protest about what they say are unfair banking practices.

Nottingham City Council confirmed it would be serving the protesters with notices on Monday.

A spokesman for Occupy Nottingham said it would oppose the eviction.

Protestor Carl Freeman said: "If the council think by pushing us off the square we're going to go out of sight, out of mind, we're going to disappear, quite the reverse.

"It will strengthen us, we'll be back day in day out. We are not going to go."

Call for solidarity

Jon Kelly, corporate director of communities at Nottingham City Council, said: "We've got an increasing number of businesses and members of the public who have raised concerns [about the camp].

"We feel they have made their point, we have offered them a public debate at the Council House and asked them to reduce the number of tents.

"Unfortunately that hasn't happened and we feel we need to serve the notices."

In a statement on its Facebook page, Occupy Nottingham said: "From Monday morning, we are asking for a call out of help, legal observers and anyone with filming equipment to come down and show solidarity with us.

"We have collectively decided, so far, not to move from Market Square and through civil disobedience and lawful rebellion we will stay."

The group has seven days from when the notices are served to move on of its own free will, after which the protesters will be evicted.

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