Four-year-old boy left Cantrell Primary School, Bulwell, grounds

A mother from Nottingham has called for more lunchtime supervisors at her four-year-old's school after he got out of the grounds.

Joseph Boot was missing for up to five minutes from Cantrell Primary School, in Bulwell, after crawling under the gate and crossing Cantrell Road.

While staff and other pupils searched for him he was returned by two people.

The school apologised and said it was confident it had more than adequate supervision at all times.

The gate is roughly eight feet high with bars across, and a narrow gap at the bottom which Joseph crawled through.


Mrs Boot said she wanted to see the school install a better gate and recruit more staff.

She said: "Surely there can be more people to look after them and watch them.

"We put them in their care and they're supposed to look after them and obviously they didn't watch them that day.

"Anything could have happened in those three to five minutes, it's not worth thinking about. Next time he could get kidnapped or even killed."

The school said in a statement: "We're very sorry it happened. It wasn't a foreseeable risk; we have more than adequate supervision at all times.

"We've got the health and safety representative and the capital and asset team from the city council coming to look at the situation, but this is a one-off."

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