Mansfield litter fines jump by nearly 60%

A Nottinghamshire council has said a sharp rise in the number of litter fines is due to more effective patrols.

From April 2011 to January 2012, Mansfield District Council issued 454 penalty notices, compared with 288 in the same period 12 months before.

Officials said its wardens were targeting litter hot spots identified by residents' complaints.

Last month it was revealed most young people caught littering had opted to clear rubbish rather than be fined.

Complaints response

The council's Neighbourhood Warden team leader Craig Day said: "Yes the number of tickets had gone up but it's in direct response to complaints from around the district which are telling us 'we have a particular problem here' or 'this is a particular problem to us'.

"What we have been doing is targeting those particular areas in direct response to complaints we have received and hence the increase in the number of tickets."

Since April 2011, people aged 12 to 17 caught littering have been given the option of an hour of litter picking instead of paying the £75 fine.

Wardens estimated about 95% opted for picking.

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