Cigarette raids linked by Nottinghamshire police

A series of business burglaries where large quantities of cigarettes were stolen have been linked by Nottinghamshire police.

Officers said about 30 incidents, involving supermarkets, newsagents and fuel stations had been reported since the beginning of February.

The offenders forced shutters, often ignored tills and may have used a vehicle to move the tobacco.

While arrests had been made, officers said, more information was needed.

Security measures

Det Sgt Paul Cash said: "In these burglaries it's not just one pack of cigarettes being stolen, but dozens at a time, clearing shops of their entire stock.

"In our quest to bring the culprits to justice, we are trying to track the stolen goods.

"There have been a lot of packets of cigarettes stolen over the last two months. Where are they? Who is selling them?

"We are working with HM Revenue and Customs, and Trading Standards, but would also like to appeal to the public for information."

Business owners are being asked to review the security of their premises and ensure alarms and CCTV are turned on, especially overnight.

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