Nottingham alcohol ban zone 'should cover city'

Police and street drinker
Image caption Police said they hoped to deter anti-social drinking rather than just deal with the consequences

A city-wide ban on street drinking in Nottingham is being proposed.

Similar bylaws are already in place in seven areas, including Sneinton and St Ann's, but the city council is looking to include its entire area.

The Designated Public Place Orders allow police to confiscate alcohol from those they suspect of causing problems and arrest those who do not comply.

Officials said any ban would be applied using common sense and would be used alongside educational initiatives.

City council leader Jon Collins said: "It's not to say people can't be trusted to drink responsibly but it is about setting the right sort of tone.

"It's about tackling a minority of people who drink to excess and drink in a way which brings all of us difficulties."

Ch Supt Simon Nickless, divisional commander for Nottingham, said: "What we have found is with the Designated Public Place Orders, rather than waiting for the negative things to happen, it is being a bit more preventive."

A consultation on the measures is to begin shortly with a decision from the city council expected later in the year.

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