Confusion over different speed limit signs in Nottingham road

Image caption The signs displaying different limits are on the same stretch of road in Nottingham

Two signs on the same stretch of road displaying different speed limits have been causing confusion in Nottingham.

The city council said it was not clear why one side of the A6002 in Bulwell said 30mph and the other 40mph, but it would rectify it as soon as possible.

It suggested the mistake could be due to somebody tampering with the signs.

The Institute of Advanced Motoring said people should be able to work out the limit because of the road's streetlight system.

'Wrong way'

One woman, who did not give her name, told BBC Radio Nottingham: "If you've got a new driver it's really going to confuse them."

Another woman said: "It's hard to say [what the speed limit should be] because there's residential bits around it, 40 mph, I'd say."

A man, who lives nearby, said: "A difference in 10 mph is a lot to be honest. But some drivers are oblivious to be honest."

Tim Shallcross from the Institute of Advanced Motoring said: "Somebody's made a mistake or has been tampering with the signs...

"[But] there's a system of street lights, more than one lamppost, so I'm obviously coming into a road that by default has a 30mph speed limit.

"People can very quickly pick up on what the limit actually is."

A city council spokesman said: "It's not yet clear how this sign has come to be facing the wrong way... we will now take action to rectify it as soon as possible.

"Tampering with road signs potentially puts road users at risk, although we would advise any motorist faced with signs like this to opt for the slower speed as a precaution."

Image caption The city council said it would rectify the problem as soon as possible

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