Sites proposed for new Oxford graveyard

The public are being asked to give their views on the suitability of four possible sites for a new graveyard in Oxford.

Green space at Five Mile Drive Recreation Ground in Wolvercote, Hill View Farm, Old Marston, and two sites at Horspath are been assessed.

Cemeteries manager Trevor Jackson said he expected there to be less Victorian-style cemeteries and more choice.

"We will see a larger woodland offering in any new cemetery," he said.

Suitable sites

The city will run out of burial space between 2018 and 2024 and the council says it is important to plan ahead.

Labour city councillor Mark Lygo said: "We have looked at various sites and gone through a strict criteria with each of them and have ended up with four sites that show potential.

"These four will now undergo soil tests to see if they could be suitable for burials.

"This work is a part of a bigger planning document which looks at sites for development and it is important that the public get involved and take part in this consultation."

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