Extra £3.5m for Oxfordshire roadwork projects

Oxfordshire will spend an extra £3.5m on roadworks this year after the government topped up the county council's budget.

The authority will now spend £9m on road repairs at 71 different sites.

The work, which is due to be completed in October, will improve the roads to prevent long-term damage.

Rodney Rose, Cabinet Member for Transport at the council, said the planned schemes would make the roads more resilient.

Mr Rose said: "Our problem in Oxfordshire, and the rest of England, is we've got roads that were actually designed for the horse and cart.

"If you've been up the Iffley Road you'll see we're going down and putting new structures underneath it before we start putting the nice black stuff on the top.

"The more of that we do the better off we are, and the longer they last."

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