Oxford 20mph speed limit to be enforced

Speed restrictions in 20mph zones in Oxford restrictions are to be enforced by police.

The limits were put on residential streets two years ago but police have not been routinely stopping offenders.

The force has now said there would be "proportionate and targeted" patrols in certain areas where residents have concerns over speed.

Supt Chris Brown, of Thames Valley Police, said most drivers caught would be given cautions and roadside advice.

Oxfordshire County Council's Deputy Leader Rodney Rose said: "It will be interesting to see how this works out in practice, how much enforcement takes place and what impact this has."

He added that it was too early to make judgements about extending the enforcement to other parts of Oxfordshire.

In Walton Street, Jericho which has a 20mph limit, resident Anne Collier, 65, said: "I don't think the majority of drivers keep to the 20mph limit. If people know the police have a presence, that will make a difference."

Tessa Pellow, 50, from Eynsham, said: "I've had small children and I think the limits are really good. If you've got a law it probably needs enforcing."

Supt Brown said he hoped the 20mph restrictions would continue to be "largely self-enforcing" through signs and road engineering.

"It is anticipated that the majority of infringements will be minor - straying just over the 20mph limit. More serious speeding offences will be prosecuted," he added.

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