Toddler from Thame in hospital after chewing drugs wrap

A toddler has been hospitalised after chewing on a wrap of paper used to package illegal drugs.

The 14-month-old boy found the discarded wrap at the Southern Road recreation ground in Thame, Oxfordshire.

He is being kept overnight at Stoke Mandeville Hospital following the incident on Wednesday afternoon.

Det Sgt Darren Cartwright called it a "frightening experience" but said the boy was not seriously harmed.

Folded wraps of paper can be used to contain powdered drugs or pills.

The wrap was left near the scout hut at the ground.

Thames Valley Police officers searched for further paraphernalia and arranged for the council to clean up the area.

Det Sgt Cartwright added: "There is potential for further forensic investigation into the incident, and we would like to make parents, guardians, and caregivers aware of it, especially in light of the continuing hot weather which families are taking advantage of by visiting our parks and public areas."

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