Didcot doctor Peter Rubin suspended after sex with patient

A GP who had sex with a patient at his surgery has been suspended for a year.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service panel determined Dr Peter Rubin's fitness to practice was impaired following misconduct at Woodlands Medical Centre, in Didcot.

He prescribed the patient the morning after pill after they had sex in his consultation room, the panel heard.

At a previous consultation he also asked her: "Why is it that none of my patients ever wear nice underwear?"

Dr Rubin, who was a GP partner at the south Oxfordshire surgery, initially used the medical records of the woman, known as Patient A, to find out her birthday and address so he could post her a Prada mobile phone as a present.

'Cold showers'

The panel, chaired by Dr Anthony Morgan, heard that text messages and photographs of a "personal nature" followed.

The married GP admitted to having sex with the woman on three occasions.

When she later made an official complaint, he contacted her to ask her to withdraw it.

Dr Rubin was also reprimanded over his behaviour with a 21-year-old woman who he asked to kiss him on the cheek after writing her a prescription for a contraceptive pill.

He told her that he did not want her boyfriend to have to take too many cold showers, the panel heard.

However, five colleagues described Dr Rubin to the panel as a "good general practitioner", and 18 patients said he was a "good, caring doctor who goes beyond what is expected".

On determining to suspend him for 12 months, Dr Morgan said: "You have gained considerable insight into your misconduct... there was not a significant risk that you would repeat your misconduct.

"The panel determined that 12 months, which is the maximum period for which suspension can be imposed, is necessary to mark the gravity of your misconduct whilst maintaining the possibility of your return to practising medicine."

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