Delight 2, Didcot: Rat infestation in takeaway storage building

Rats Image copyright SODC
Image caption Live and dead rats were found in the food storage area at Delight 2

A kebab shop in Didcot has been banned from using its food storage building after health inspectors found an infestation of rats.

Environmental health officers served an emergency hygiene notice on Delight 2, on Broadway, after a complaint.

Inspectors found live and dead rats, rat droppings and gnawed packaging.

Magistrates upheld the order and banned Delight 2 from using its food preparation building until further notice.

They also ordered the business to pay £1,280 in costs to South Oxfordshire District Council.

The takeaway will only be able to use the building again when it has eliminated all pests and ensured the building cannot be accessed by them in the future.

A spokesman for Delight 2 said: "The pest control people have been and it is all fine now. We have dealt with the problem."

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Image caption The takeaway's food storage area is closed until further notice

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