Shropshire daughter 'strangled for playing loud music'

A "domineering" father allegedly strangled his daughter for playing her music too loudly, a court has heard.

Leicester Crown Court was told Gurmeet Singh Ubhi, 54, of Leegomery, Telford, in Shropshire, had been woken by his daughter Amrit's music last September.

Jurors heard they got into a fight when he tried to use the remote control to turn the 24-year-old's music down.

Mr Ubhi, who had just finished working a night shift at the time of the incident, denies the charge.

Chisel attack

In opening its case the prosecution said Mr Ubhi had had a difficult relationship with his wife Satinder, daughter Amrit and son Harmeet.

He separated from Satinder in 1997 and went on to re-marry, but that relationship broke down when he was imprisoned for attacking his second wife with a chisel.

Prosecutor Rachel Brand said: "It shows very clearly that this man is a man who is capable of losing his temper in a very drastic fashion in the context of a domestic argument."

Mr Ubhi was reconciled to his family and first wife during their frequent prison visits to see him and he moved back into the family home in Berberis Road, Leegomery, upon his release.

'Old-fashioned father'

Miss Brand said the defendant was unhappy to find when he moved back home that his children had grown up and had more freedom than he approved of.

"In this case it has to do with an old-fashioned father who thought his children should do what he thought. It is not really a cultural thing," she added.

"The relationship between her [Amrit] and her father was not good."

"He also did not like the fact that she had a white English boyfriend who she had been seeing for a number of years," Miss Brand added.

The trial continues.

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