Telford fire crews pelted with missiles

Firefighters were pelted with sticks and other objects when they were called to a fire in Shropshire.

The crew from Telford were called out to deal with some rubbish in Stirchley, which is thought to have been set alight deliberately.

A gang of youths threw missiles at the crew, aiming particularly at the driver who was left with the vehicle.

A Shropshire fire and Rescue spokesman said crews had a similar incident on Wednesday.

Area commander Andy Thomson said when the crews arrived to deal with the fire they were confronted with the youths who were abusive.

"They had sticks and other objects thrown at them," he said.

Police were called out and quickly dealt with the incident.

Mr Thomson added it was unusual to have such incidents in the area as most are dealt with in a good manner.

"Occasionally, we come across individuals who don't understand we are trying to assist the community," he said.

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