Politics Show considers wind farm plan

Image caption National Grid has said it has not decided whether to build pylons or bury cables underground

The Politics Show on BBC One in the West Midlands has investigated plans to build a wind farm across the border.

A proposal to build a wind farm in mid Wales has made Shropshire a target for a new power line.

National Grid is responsible for connecting the site to the network. It wants to join a high-voltage line running between Wrexham and Shrewsbury.

The company has published 10 possible routes for the new line, all of which run through north Shropshire.

People living in the area have been campaigning against the possible construction of pylons.

June Murray, who lives in Melverly, told the Politics Show: "The reason people live here and visit us is that it is totally unspoilt, ancient countryside.

"We are guardians of this area for many, many thousands of other people."

'Preferred route'

National Grid has said it has not yet made a decision on whether to build pylons or to bury cables under ground.

The company said the scheme would cost about £1.6m per km if pylons are used, compared with £10m per km if the line was buried underground.

A public consultation closed on 24 June and National Grid is expected to announce its preferred route and method of connection later in the year.

Despite the emphasis on renewable energy, the prospect of a new wind farm and possibly pylons has led to protests in Wales as well as Shropshire.

Shropshire Council has raised strong objections to the plans and its leader Keith Barrow has questioned whether inland wind farms are the way forward.

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