Shropshire Council in fly-tipping warning

Shropshire Council has said there is "no excuse" for a spate of recent fly-tipping incidents.

A spokesman said there had been recent examples of green waste dumped and lanes and public footpaths being used to dispose of waste illegally.

He said the out-of-the-way locations suggested people with local knowledge of access routes were to blame.

Examples include kitchen materials left on lanes in Bishops Castle and carpets strewn down a verge near Craven Arms.

'Sheer laziness'

In Ludlow a dismantled shed containing asbestos was abandoned.

The council spokesman said householders could take asbestos to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, in Craven Arms, free of charge.

Councillor Martin Bennett said: "There is no excuse for anyone to be dumping their rubbish - and especially not in rural areas or non-green ways.

"It amounts to sheer laziness and may require more effort than proper disposal would.

"At the same time, the whole community is affected as council taxpayers end up with the bill for the clean-up operation, and if specialist help is needed it doesn't come cheap."

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