Illegal Telford house party sees 17 youths arrested

Seventeen youths have been arrested and bailed over an illegal house party in Shropshire held in a bungalow purchased for the owner's convalescing father.

Vernon Plim bought a bungalow on Monday in New World Lane, Lawley, that was intended for his 87-year-old father who is recovering in hospital after a fall.

A group of teenagers broke into the house at about 21:30 GMT on Tuesday and caused damage to the windows and doors.

The 17 youths have been bailed on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

Mr Plim said the first he knew about the party was when a neighbour rang to tell him there was a large group of teenagers in his new property.

He added: "It was bought with my father in mind who had a fall last September and is still in the spinal ward in Oswestry.

"There is significant damage to the property which is a dormer bungalow. It has very large double glazed windows.

"Most of the windows have been smashed, the curtains were pulled off, kitchen unit doors have been ripped off. One of the doors has gone through the window, so there's certainly a significant amount of damage."

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