Prism glasses improve vision for Oswestry spinal patients

Spinal injury patients in Shropshire forced to lie still in a hospital bed are to be given glasses that enable them to see around them.

The prism glasses change the normal line of sight using a series of reflections to reposition an image, doctors said.

Patients can read a paper flat down in front of them, doctors at the Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries in Oswestry said.

A charity has supplied 20 pairs.

Professor Wagih el Masri said the glasses were "good for a patients' morale".

'Count tiles'

"It's very good for morale otherwise one would feel extremely restricted in position looking at one bit of the ceiling," he said.

Patient David Brown, from Whitchurch, broke his neck in an industrial accident and has been in bed for six weeks.

He said before trying the glasses all he could see was the ceiling and he counted roof tiles to pass the time.

"It's nice when someone comes in to see me but I can't actually see who it is until they actually look above me," he said.

Using the glasses prevents his arms getting sore holding them up above him and he can see who is coming through the door, he said.

The hospital charity, League of Friends, has supplied the glasses.

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