Mitie staff face job cuts at Telford offices

About a quarter of jobs could be cut at a Telford Inland Revenue site, according to a trade union.

Capgemini, which processes data for HM Revenue and Customs, subcontracted the management of its Telford offices to Mitie at the beginning of the month.

Steve Battlemuch from the Public and Commercial Services union said about 20 out of 80 Mitie posts could be cut.

Mitie said it was talking to employees and Capgemini, but refused to comment on the number of jobs under threat.

"At present no staff reductions have been made as there is a consultation phase under way of trying to identify alternative roles for any affected individuals.

"Due process has been followed at all times," a spokesperson said.

'Sensitive data'

Mr Battlemuch said that many of those facing possible redundancy were cleaners and security guards.

He said: "There are seven buildings on the estate. This is highly sensitive government data and computers... and there's high security on the site for good reason.

"We've got people being told they are potentially out of the door this Friday.

"Some of these staff have been at the site for 20 odd years.

"They started working for the civil service and through no fault of their own have been transferred on two or three or four occasions to different companies and they now find themselves faced with 30 days notice of redundancy."

Office workers at the Telford site process data on behalf of the Inland Revenue for much of the UK.

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