Rea Valley Foods in Minsterley signs supermarket deal

A Shropshire food manufacturer said new contracts with two of the country's biggest supermarkets would help to secure jobs.

Rea Valley Speciality Foods, which employs about 90 staff at its base in Minsterley, has signed deals worth £3m a year to supply Tesco and Waitrose.

The Shropshire company said it would supply them with the first commercially produced British corned beef.

Ingredients used in the recipe have also been sourced from the UK.

Despite a close association with "bully beef", dating back to before World War II, the tinned meat has typically been imported from South America.

Tesco food developer Sam Tait said the retailer was predicting an increase in demand for "heritage foods" due to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

The tins are due to go on sale at stores across the UK next month.

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