Locomotive parts stolen from Oswestry Cambrian Railway Society

Thieves have stolen boiler parts for a steam locomotive from a railway society in Shropshire.

West Mercia Police said the "large, heavy parts" were taken from the Cambrian Railway Society in Oswestry at some point between 22:00 BST on Thursday and 10:00 BST on Monday.

Officers said the parts, which were valued at about £1,000, would be difficult to replace.

They said they believed they were stolen for their scrap value.

Police said one of the unpainted steel parts was about 4ft long and about 2in thick, while the other was a metal plate in the shape of a half-moon with a number of holes in it.

Both had the train serial number 2131 stamped on their surfaces.

PC Mark Moth said the items were "very heavy" and two people would have been needed to lift them on to a vehicle.

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