Royal Irish Regiment marks St Patrick's Day

Hundreds of of soldiers have been marching in a parade in Shropshire to mark St Patrick's Day.

About 300 member of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Irish Regiment, are taking part in the parade at their barracks at Tern Hill near Market Drayton.

The regimental mascot, an Irish Wolfhound called Brian Boru, led the parade which started at 11:30 GMT.

Ten years ago, the solders marked the occasion in Iraq ahead of invading the country, a spokesman said.

Lt Col Ivor Gardiner said: "This St Patrick's Day is particularly poignant and historic as it marks a distinctive shift for the battalion which has deployed twice to Iraq and three times to Afghanistan over the past 10 years.

"This time 10 years ago it celebrated Paddy's Day in the desert as it poised for the invasion of Iraq.

"We are now done with these campaigns and must reflect on those we have sadly lost during the last 10 years of operations and deployments and look to the future."

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