Telford vicar 'told girl he could rape her'

A vicar forced his tongue into the mouth of a 15-year-old girl and said he could rape her if he wanted to, a jury has been told.

Kevin McGarahan, 64, and now retired, indecently assaulted the girl at his house in Telford in 1995 before she fled, Shrewsbury Crown Court heard.

Despite the girl's mother complaining, no action was taken until a review by the Church of England in 2014.

Mr McGarahan, also formerly known as "Rev Kev", denies indecent assault.

The court heard the girl went to the vicar's home to see an American exchange student, but by the time she arrived he had left.

'Lost her faith'

She said Mr McGarahan soon began questioning her about her experience with boys, before offering to teach her how to slow dance. He then held her hips and began to kiss her, the court heard.

The girl said she "froze".

He made the rape comment in a way that sounded as if he was joking, and also told her nobody would know, she said.

The girl ran home and locked herself in the bathroom and brushed her teeth in tears, the court was told.

She said she had been scared but felt like she had to go along with it, having been brought up to respect her elders but felt sick, dirty and foolish afterwards.

The incident made her lose her faith and she said she could not eat.

When she subsequently told her mother, a complaint was made to the church he was at and she said the issue was not spoken about again.

Police were not involved and the information sat on Mr McGarahan's file until the Diocese of Hereford, which covers Telford, began looking into safeguarding files in 2014 and found her original statement, jurors heard.

The case was then reopened.

The trial continues.

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