Frome councillor in tin helmet protest is suspended

A district councillor who wore a tin helmet and waved a Canadian flag as part of a land dispute protest has been suspended for two months.

Andrew Earle from Frome was suspended for breaching council members' code of conduct over his behaviour towards a woman following the protest.

An investigation by Mendip District Council said he failed to treat her with respect.

He became involved in the dispute after two residents approached him for help.

Mr Earle, a UK and Canadian national, said at the time the dispute over the building of a wall was a "land invasion".

He was arrested for suspected breach of the peace, but was released without charge.

The day after the protest, he visited one of the women involved in the dispute at her workplace where he failed to tell her he was a councillor and challenged her.

She complained he acted in an intimidating manner.

He has been ordered to apologise and attend training on the code of conduct.

Mr Earle was not available for comment.

People in the Frome College ward who need help before 1 November are being advised to contact Councillor Christine Cockcroft.

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