Somerset woman 'trampled to death by cows'

A woman is likely to have been trampled to death by cows in Somerset while walking her dog, an inquest has heard.

The body of Geraldine Carol Grace, 67, was found on 2 June by another dog walker in a field near Bridgwater containing cows, calves and a bull.

The inquest at Bridgwater Town Hall heard she had suffered multiple injuries to her ribs which was consistent with being trampled by cows.

Deputy assistant coroner Tim Hayden recorded a verdict of accidental death.

'Docile breed'

The inquest also heard an account from Keith Barrow, the beef farmer who owned the cattle on fields rented from another farmer, where Ms Grace, of North Street, Bridgwater, died.

He said the field was full of dog walkers and other people "most of the time" but had never known of any similar accidents involving his animals.

The inquest heard that the bull in the field was a British Blue breed, was considered to be a "docile breed". The 28 cows and 28 calves were of mixed breed.

White hairs, which could have belonged to her dog, a Staffordshire terrier/Rottweiler crossbreed, were also found on her trouser leg.

Mr Hayden said: "We know that in the area where she was walking her dog there were cows and calves and a bull.

"Given that the police have informed me that there is no evidence at all of third party involvement... I am satisfied on the balance of probability that her death was accidental and I am satisfied it was a result of her being in contact with cattle that she sustained her injuries, and her death."