Bridgwater Arts Centre could cut community work

An arts centre in Somerset says it will not be able to continue its community work unless it can find more money.

All paid staff at Bridgwater Arts Centre lost their jobs after the centre lost its annual grants from Sedgemoor District Council and the county council.

Youth performing arts groups are also being suspended.

The theatre and the workshops at the centre will continue running, a spokeswoman said.

Jacquie Green, the centre's deputy chairman, said: "The opportunities for using art as a tool to help people, all sorts of people in all sorts of different ways, that is what we're going to struggle with.

"The theatre and the workshops will continue, they pay their way.

"The other stuff that is the heart of the arts centre is where we're going to struggle.

"But we really, strongly believe that with a lot of hard work we'll get there."

She said volunteers would look for new funding to keep the threatened services going.

Sedgemoor District Council said it was still supporting the arts centre by giving it a 125-year lease on the building for a nominal rent.

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