Radstock's revised road layout plans unveiled

Revised road layout plans for Radstock town centre have been unveiled by Bath and North East Somerset Council.

The changes were made following a public consultation in December and are set for approval at a council meeting.

But Radstock Action Group said the consultation was "cosmetic" as it failed ask if the new road was desired.

The council has said the new road will reduce congestion and will enable the building of 250 homes to regenerate the town, which has local support.

'Major success'

The new road would link up The Street, which is currently one-way, and Frome Road in the town centre.

Amanda Leon, from Radstock Action Group, said: "Although we had a major success in the council not closing the Frome Road completely, the council is sticking to its original plan.

"They didn't ask people if they wanted a new road, they didn't ask if people wanted one of the major shopping streets to be made two-way, and the one to be reversed in its traffic direction."

Cabinet member Roger Symonds (Lib Dem) said: "We believe people want the [housing] development and the development needs to have access, and this new road will give access."

Plans to install a single roundabout outside the Co-op supermarket to replace a double roundabout have been dropped because it was too expensive.

The council said the change would have cost £1.4m as it would have had to move an electricity sub station and carry out complex land works.

Parking in the town will also be cut by 16 spaces to 413 spaces.

The council will meet on 11 January when a final decision will be made.

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