'Contaminated' Sutton Bingham reservoir drained

A water reservoir in Somerset has been partially drained after traces of pesticides were found in it.

Owners Wessex Water said tests carried at Sutton Bingham towards the end of January revealed low levels of pesticide residue from slug pellets.

Spokesman Luke de Vial said as a precaution the reservoir and associated treatment works was taken out of service.

Homes in the Yeovil area are being fed from other water sources.

'Not deliberate'

Mr de Vial said lowering the water level would help the reservoir restock with fresh water.

"This will allow clean water from the catchment area that doesn't have as high levels of pesticide in it to fill the reservoir so we can bring it back into supply as soon as possible," he said.

"There is no evidence this [contamination] has been done deliberately and we are working very closely with the Environment Agency who regulate the use of pesticides to try to understand where it has come from.

"We have leafleted farmers telling them how they have to be careful with the use of slug pellets in particular and are planning to do the same with local residents."

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