Bath Hindus search for building to convert into temple

Hindus in Bath are searching for a building they can convert into a temple in the city.

Worshippers currently have to travel to Bristol, Birmingham or London to visit a temple.

Hindu Ashish Rajhansha said: "Currently we try to meet at least every month and we hire a venue for it, but it depends on availability of a venue."

There are currently five potential buildings for a temple including the derelict Holy Trinity Church.

Four council buildings are also being considered.

'Time consuming'

Mr Rajhansha, a member of the Bath and North East Somerset Faith Forum, said: "There's quite a few [Hindus] in the population around Bath and there's nowhere the Hindus can regularly use.

"Having a temple in Bath will provide us with a venue where we can meet more regularly and more people can meet together."

He said travelling to a temple was "not difficult but it's time consuming".

A temple, he said, would "provide us with a platform on which we can keep our faith, our values, our culture, traditions and life, by passing it on to the next generation".

Peasedown councillor Nathan Hartley said he had been helping with the search.

"I think a temple in this council authority would add hugely to the diversity that we have here in Bath and North East Somerset," he said.

"It will provide more opportunities for worship. It would be phenomenal to say to people 'we have a temple here, this is a place for you and you're welcome here'."

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