Bridgwater legal high door-to-door delivery offered

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Media captionSecret filming of a teenager buying legal highs from a door-to-door service

A firm offering a door-to-door service selling legal highs sold products to a teenager who indicated she would use them as drugs, a BBC investigation has found.

Buzzin, in Bridgwater, took orders by phone and was paid cash on delivery.

The BBC undercover researcher, aged 18, bought substances including one with an ingredient that has been linked to deaths in the UK.

Buzzin said it had stopped out of hours deliveries.

Trading Standards said it was illegal to sell legal highs if it was known they would be used for human consumption.

The BBC programme secretly filmed the researcher ordering three products, which were then delivered to her by car.

She collected them from the driver on a street in Taunton and paid him £80 in cash.

What are legal highs?

Legal highs are substances which produce the same, or similar effects, to drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy, but are not controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

In many cases, they are designed to mimic class A drugs, but are chemically different enough to avoid being classified as illegal substances, so it is legal to possess and use them.

The driver described one product as "popular" and told her which one he "liked".

When the reporter asked him if there was "enough for four people", he replied "yes, there's loads - three grams".

The researcher then asked: "How long does this one take to kick in?" to which the driver replied that they were "not for human consumption".

Trading Standards said the driver should not have sold her the products because it was "reasonably foreseeable" they would be used for human consumption.

When the BBC programme's team approached Buzzin for a comment they were asked to leave.

Separately in December, a legal high shop in Taunton - Hush - was closed temporarily after police used new anti-social behaviour legislation.

Inside Out will be broadcast on BBC One in the south west of England at 19:30 GMT and is available on iPlayer afterwards.

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