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Bereaved Barnsley woman's warning over chip pan fires

A woman from South Yorkshire whose father died following a kitchen fire in 2009 is urging people to stop using chip pans in the home.

Linda Scarfe's father Ray, died at the family home in Barnsley when the oil used to cook chips caught fire and spread through the kitchen.

Miss Scarfe is now speaking out about the danger of using chip pans and the damage it has caused to her family.

"If he hadn't lit that chip pan, he would still be here," she said.

Over a four-year period, from 2007, South Yorkshire Fire Service reported 1,339 fires from cooking appliances, 465 of which were chip pan fires, resulting in two deaths.

Mark Wilkinson from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue said: "Chip pan fires are a major problem. It takes seconds for a chip pan fire to run through a house.

"We are urging people to throw the chip pans in the bin and think about alternative ways, such as a deep fat fryer which controls the temperature."

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