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Sheffield's Lib Dem leader Paul Scriven stands down

Sheffield's Liberal Democrat leader Paul Scriven has announced he is stepping down after his party lost power in the council elections.

Labour clinched 49 out of 84 councillors, taking nine seats from the Liberal Democrats who won 32.

Mr Scriven, who has led the party locally for nine years, said he would remain committed as a councillor.

He said: "I'm going to brush off the CV... but I am not running away and will stay committed to the party."

The Lib Dems took over control of the authority in 2008 but last year it slipped back into no overall control.

However, they maintained the majority with just a single councillor more than Labour.

'Real culprits'

Mr Scriven, who will remain ward councillor in Broomhill, said he was proud of what his party had achieved.

"There's a economic fire burning and the firefighters have turned up to put out that economic fire and somehow they're getting blamed for starting it."

Mr Scriven said the "real culprits" were the Labour Party.

He added: "I am proud we have put the country before party as difficult as it has been in the first year."

Mr Scriven said he was undecided as to what to do next and had "no plan".

"I'm going to stay committed to the Liberal Democrats both locally and nationally... I'll brush off the CV and see what options happen.

"Over the next few weeks I'll take a couple of weeks out, it's been a pretty stressful three years.

"I'm not going to complain. What opportunity and what honour and privilege I've had leading the city I absolutely love."

A new leader will be elected at the group's AGM next week.

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