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Two academy schools proposed in Rotherham

Plans have been announced for two new free schools in South Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Nationwide Schools has put in a proposal to open two campuses in Dinnington and Maltby, Rotherham, for pupils aged from four to 18.

There are currently two other proposals which have been submitted for free schools in Rotherham - the Three Valleys Academy in Manvers and Rotherham Central school.

Rotherham Council said it did not see a need for new schools in the area.

The council said 97% of pupils already get a place at their first choice school.

'Very best traditions'

It said setting up new academies would drain money from state schools.

"Even just losing 20 students per year group would mean a loss of £100,000 for a school," it said in a statement.

However, Yorkshire Nationwide Schools emphasised the quality of the education its schools would offer.

In a statement on its website, the group said it wanted to create schools where "local pupils will be able to experience the very best traditions of private education in a publicly-funded school".

Academies and free schools are publicly funded schools which operate outside of local government control, sometimes set up by parents, charities, or religious groups.

Currently, Rotherham has no academies.

Applications to open new academies are decided by the secretary of state for education.

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