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Golden-handed monkeys stolen from Doncaster garden

A pregnant monkey and her mate have been stolen from a home near Doncaster in South Yorkshire.

Their owner, Albert Dargue, believes the golden-handed tamarins were taken from his garden in Rossington on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

He said: "I'm very worried, the people who stole them don't know how to care for them." He believes his other monkeys may have attacked the thieves.

South Yorkshire Police has confirmed it is investigating the matter.

A spokesperson said it was believed the suspects forced open the padlock on a shed where the monkeys were housed.

The pair were rescued monkeys and have been valued at £2,250 each.

Mr Dargue has owned the animals for about four years and he has appealed for their return.

He said: "The female is due to give birth in October. They're part of the family.

"Please bring them back and no legal action will be taken. They'll die without proper care."

The missing animals are also known as red-handed tamarins and are about the size of a small cat.

They are black with distinctive golden hands and feet.

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