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Christmas fines of £80 for drunken behaviour

South Yorkshire Police are to issue £80 fines to people found drunk and disorderly over the Christmas period.

The on-the-spot fine will be waived if people attend sessions about alcohol misuse, as part of the force's Shaken and Slurred campaign.

The campaign will also target drink driving and domestic violence.

Chief Insp Shaun Morley said the fines would allow officers to "defuse a situation" by not criminalising people for "silly drunken behaviour".

The fines are up to the officer's discretion, "but if the only appropriate action for an individual is an arrest, an arrest will be made," added Mr Morley.

South Yorkshire Police are also encouraging people to be vigilant about their personal safety while on nights out and are telling people to report domestic violence, which is expected to increase over the Christmas period.

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