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Sheffield Council hails voluntary Smart Move scheme

A scheme encouraging council tenants to move to smaller properties has been hailed as a success by Sheffield City Council.

The council said 315 tenants had signed up to the Smart Move scheme since it launched in 2010.

The scheme had helped 115 people downsize to smaller properties and 26 to upgrade to larger properties.

The council claims households could save up to £2,700 per year by downsizing.

Sheffield Homes, which manages properties on behalf of the council, launched the scheme to help people live in more manageable homes.

'Save money'

Mr Harpham said many people who have signed up to the scheme did so after their circumstances changed.

He said: "We've talked to people who for one reason or another might have a property that is too big for them, say if their kids have moved on.

"We have a conversation about moving to a more suitable property and identify a property that they could move into, to help them cut down on bills and save money.

"People can save up to £2,700 a year, which is not a bad offer, by reducing bills, heating, rent and council tax.

"It's a real way of saving money."

The council said it was hoping to keep the scheme voluntary and would resist the option of it being made mandatory.

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