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New cash-free taxi scheme for Sheffield students

A scheme has begun in Sheffield allowing students to get a taxi home without having the money to pay the fare.

The city's two universities have linked up with a taxi firm to allow students to use their union cards as a deposit.

The union card is returned to the student once the fare is paid later at the university.

City Taxis, the firm involved, said it was planning to expand the scheme to non-students living in the city.

Jake Kitchener, president of Sheffield Hallam Students' Union, said: "Any student can lose a bank card or just spend more than they expect to over a night out, and what they'll tend to do normally is rather than go and get extra cash out is just to walk home.

"Obviously, that's very unsafe because they'll just walk the quickest way home rather than the safest way home."

Mr Kitchener said he expected most students to pay the outstanding taxi fare as they required their student card to access university facilities, such as the computer network.

Paul Gosney, of City Taxis, said: "We would like to roll it out across the city.

"We've actually got plans to do that. We are in the initial stages of consultation."

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