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Doncaster school forgets time capsule location

Teachers at a school in South Yorkshire want to contact former teachers and pupils to help find a time capsule buried in the grounds.

The capsule was buried in 1989 at Mattersey Primary School in Doncaster to mark the school's silver jubilee.

Now the hunt is on to find the box so it can be opened in 2014 to mark the school's golden jubilee.

It will then be reburied with a capsule from 2014 with both boxes to be opened 25 years later.

Although there is a photograph of the capsule being buried at the school in 1989, none of the staff know exactly where the box is located.

'Changing world'

Headteacher Sharon Patton said it was unfortunate that the box could not be found but she hoped someone would be able to help.

She said: "It was buried in 1989 because it was the school's silver jubilee.

"In two years' time it will be the golden jubilee and we want to locate it before 2014.

"When we do find the box we'll be able to see what was put in there at the time.

"Our aim is then to compile a second time capsule with material from 2014 and bury that alongside the 1989 capsule.

"The idea is that, in another 25 years' time, children will open both boxes and see how the world they live in has changed from 50 and 25 years ago."

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