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Sick child's Doncaster family 'forced to live apart'

Eve with mum Becca
Image caption Since Eve was born in December 2015 she has spent a total of 12 weeks at home

A family from Doncaster says they have been forced to live apart due to the lack of a suitable house for their seriously-ill daughter.

Eve Phillipson, who is 15-months-old, needs round the clock care for a lung condition.

The family needs a home able to house her medical equipment before she can leave hospital.

Social housing provider St Leger Homes said it was working with the family to find a suitable property.

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In the meantime, Eve is having to stay in Sheffield Children's Hospital with her mother Becca while her father Steven looks after their two other children 28 miles away in Ardwick near Doncaster.

'Puts a strain'

Mr Phillipson described the separation as "really hard".

Since Eve was born in December 2015 she's spent a total of 12 weeks at home.

"It's wanting to be a family," he said.

"We're all a family. We don't want to be torn into two different houses. It's hard work and it puts a strain on us all."

Steve Waddington, director of housing services for St Ledger, said: "We have placed the Phillipsons in our highest priority 'platinum' housing band, and they have been put in our 'direct match' scheme which means any suitable property will automatically be allocated to them without the need to bid on it.

"Unfortunately, in the family's chosen area [the north of the borough], we have very low stock of properties that are suitable for their specific needs or able to be adapted to make them suitable.

"Property turnover is also low which further impacts on availability and our ability to help the Phillipsons."

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