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Labour wins Stoke-on-Trent City Council control

Labour candidates celebrate in Stoke-on-Trent
Image caption The Labour Party gained 34 of the 44 seats available in Stoke-on-Trent

Labour has won control of Stoke-on-Trent City Council, while the British National Party (BNP) has lost all five of its seats in the city.

The Labour Party gained 34 of the 44 seats available, but the Liberals and the Liberal Democrats are no longer represented on the council.

Due to boundary changes there were 16 fewer seats available in this election.

The Tories went from eight councillors to two. Independent representation has been halved to eight.

No other party has a presence on the city council.

'Split into three'

The wards previously held by the BNP were all subject to boundary changes.

Brian Ward, a City Independent candidate for Blurton West & Newstead, blamed boundary changes for the loss of his seat.

The former cabinet member for planning added: "If you take my last election figures, it was the highest in the council and doubled my majority.

"They've totally split that into three and dissolved that into the other surrounding Labour wards."

Meanwhile the Tories have kept control of Tamworth Borough Council where 18 out of 30 seats were contested.

The Tories lost one seat and Labour gained a seat. The Conservatives now have 23 councillors, Labour have six and an Independent has won one seat in Tamworth.

Being contested

Votes continue to be counted across Staffordshire, with several councils holding elections.

About a third of the seats were up for grabs in Newcastle-under-Lyme, which had no party in overall control.

The situation remains unchanged with Labour increasing from 14 to 24 and the Conservatives falling from 23 to 20.

The Lib Dems saw a fall from 17 to 12 and UKIP fell from five to three.

A majority of 31 is required to take control.

The Conservatives have held on to East Staffordshire Council despite losing two seats, taking their total to 22.

Labour remain the largest opposition party with 16 seats, a gain of four.

The Lib Dems now have just one seat after losing one.

The Conservatives have also held on to South Staffordshire Council, keeping all of the 42 seats they held before the elections.

Labour doubled its number of seats from one to two while the Lib Dems lost their only seat.

On Stafford Council the Conservatives held their majority but dropped from 41 seats to 38.

Labour gained five seats taking its number from 12 to 17 and the Lib Dems lost half their seats dropping from four to two.

Lichfield Council remained Conservative controlled with the party increasing its majority from 44 to 46.

Labour also made a gain up from five to 10 but the Lib Dems lost all five of their seats.

All seats were being contested at Staffordshire Moorlands Council, where the Conservatives lost their majority leaving no party in overall control.

The Tories fell from 29 to 26 - the majority required was 29.

Labour increased its seats from five to seven and the Lib Dems fell from six to four.

The BNP lost its only seat.

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